Nominate someone for an All time great day

Kasia's All Time Great Day:


Please email a screenshot of your purchase confirmation email and your submission to: 


The foundations of ‘All time great days’ is being layered with a very strong social responsibility.

Here is how it will work:

If you purchase an ATGD garment from the first launch you can then nominate an individual who you believe deserves an All time great day.

It will be one person to begin with who will benefit from this initiative but the hope is that as the brand and reach grows, so too can the amount of people it impacts.

You’ll see a basic example of a submission below. The more detail you can provide the better picture it will paint for the individual you’ve chosen.

Important information to be included in the submission:

* Name of the individual

* What they do and/or do for others
* Why they deserve an All time great day

The goal for the first run will be a €X,XXX sum in cash/voucher for them to spend as they please - maybe they need a holiday, a new couch or a spa day. The choice is theirs.

Of course, if you want to just buy the clothing and not submit, this is perfectly fine. Your purchase is still impactful.

Click HERE for submission example ✌🏼